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Too Many Flowers and Not Enough Time!

Container Gardens!

Have You Tried Container Gardening Yet?

Container gardening is fast, easy and fun! We can assist you with creating a design that will fit with your space, give you some of our own tips, or you can dig right in and create your own style!


Spice It Up with Herbs

Fun with herb containers!Fill a kitchen herb garden container with your favorite herbs! We offer a full line of assorted herbs and have some great options for containers to grow them in.

How About Perennials?

Golden MargueritePerennials will bring color to your garden year after year. They work in multiple situations: in whole garden beds, in combination with annuals and bulbs, as accent to shrubs and trees, and in containers and windowboxes! We offer a large selection of both sun-loving and shade plants.


Plant Your Own Vegetable Garden

Grow Your Own Vegetables!

Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just starting out, we offer a full line of vegetable-starter plants. We also carry some heirloom varieties of Healthy Tomato PlantsGarden Ready Tomato Plantstomatoes—including patio tomato containers that we’ve been offering here at Plumpton Farms for over 15 years!



Wait Until You See Our Variety of Succulents!

Succulents are sun-loving plants that are low maintenance, easy-to-grow and look fabulous anywhere you place them. You can plant them in mason jars, colanders, tea cups or just about any container that you can imagine!Group them in fun containers!Many succulents to choose from!